Firm survey

New Zealand Surveys is highly specialized in recruiting participants and conducting surveys. We have conducted several survey of firms. We can assist you develop the survey questionnaire, design the survey framework, recruit participants, interview participants, and collate data.


We primarily conduct firm surveys for academic researchers and policymakers. We also conduct market survey for businesses. Below we briefly write some standard details of the academic research survey.


As you may be aware, recruitment of participants is the most challenging task in any survey. To boost response rate in the survey, we outsource the recruitment sometimes. In many surveys, we have provided incentive(s) to respondents. Firms are randomly selected from the population of firms in New Zealand. This may also depend on the expected sample size. Firm details such as their names, contacts, size of the workforce, etc. are normally purchased from the suppliers. In the population of firms, firms are classified according to the Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006. 


Firm size and industries

We normally survey  firms that employ at least six employees. The industries normally include manufacturing, professional and financial services, trade, construction, communication and transportation.


Method of data collection

We conduct phone interviews with the manager or director of the firm. The participant is provided with the information sheet and questionnaire about a week before the phone call. This gives the participants some time to consider their participation. The identity of the participants are not revealed to third parties.

Quality of the data

It is important to assess the quality of the survey data. Since participants have no direct incentive to contribute to the survey nor do they have any incentive to disclose the true information, the data collected from the survey is under validity suspect when they do not disclose true information. We verify our survey data through publicly available data via online sources.

Access to data

We are happy to provide free access to data on firm's expectations of key macroeconomic and industry-related variables. Click here to download the survey questionnaire. The data is collected bi-annually from 630 firms. The survey began in 2019Q3. The data includes details of the firm characteristics (number of workers, firm age, input costs, share of foreign trade, competitors, and price relative to competitors), forecasts of macroeconomic variables (inflation, real GDP growth and unemployment) as well as forecasts of firm-specific indicators (average wages, unit costs and prices).