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New Zealand Surveys is highly specialized in recruiting participants and conducting surveys. We have conducted several surveys. We can assist you develop the survey questionnaire, design the survey framework, recruit participants, interview participants, and collate data.


We conduct surveys for businesses, academic researchers and policymakers. 


Sampling population

If you are interested in a firm survey, then you have knocked the right door! We have basic demographic details of many firms that operate in the key industries in New Zealand. For household surveys, we normally outsource the sampling of prospective participants.


As you may be aware, recruitment of participants is the most challenging task in the survey. We employ a range of strategies to boost the recruitment of participants including outsourcing, incentives, etc.

Method of data collection

We are expert in conducting phone surveys. Other methods of data collection may be considered. The identity of participants are confidential and will not be shared with the third parties.

Quality of the data

We conduct the data quality checks whenever possible.

Focus groups

If you are not sure whether you will get what you want in the survey, we can help run some initial focus group interviews in order to give you some preliminary insights into your direction. Our clients say this process is very helpful!

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